Wednesday, November 12, 2008

American Extension of Rome

What a topic of discussion it is to think or understand that the United States position in the world is one that is truely not our own, as arrogantly as we believe, but the true Peek of the Roman Empire. That makes us Romans; troops, wars, warriors, artists, social security, president, ceasar, citizen. As a friend of mine once said, "The Roman Empire Never Died" (J.D. Durham).
A new line of pictures are on the way from my extension of a painted hand, yet no pictures due to the fact that I'm not ready for anyone to see; mostly b/c I want to have many. Therefore, be patient, and I will post them here first. coming soon. You wait for movies, it's the same with paint, wait in anticipation!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

why do I have to always put the title here?

"Hey, did you know pigs is is smart as dogs?"

I have another blog. I don't know the blog title yet. It's aimed a little more toward poetry and the reorganization of words, phrases, codes, and notions that may or may not have direct meaning for a small few individuals; or, it may have to do with a lot.
"I don't even know".

In the meantime there has been progress towards the production of paintings. I' have felt lifted by this, and have therfore been compelled to write about it. There. I have told you. of course we want to see pictures...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Press On


Understanding the Spiritual in Art

In 2006 I left San Marcos, Texas with the aspirations to build a new beginning towards this direction I call an art carreer. An old, wiser man once told me, "Don't ever feel like you're locked into something to where you cannot change". Well, I understand all of that, the only trouble is having no idea where or what your into. It's sort of like being out in the desert, I guess, but even out there one can navigate nocturnally via the moving stars. There's no telling, as the elders I grew up with have always spoke.
So far, the plans I set forth to accomplish have been met. A studio was built, a wood and framing shop also, even the accumilation of ample supplies stockpiled. However, the one thing that has been missing as of late is the spirit, the drive, the will and the want to, the direction. Lost. It is discouraging. Moreover, solitude can take a heavey toll. Part of what art is about is feeling human, or having human interaction and contact. But I have, at some point, chosen this exile. Nothing that I'm really locked into, but something that is extremely pressing on the spirit, this solitude. Sometimes I wonder if I'm gifted or cursed. If the craziness that humanity associates with the artist is a blessing, or a damnation. It sure feels like the latter, especially when no one is around, or when they seem to run away and not speak. Then how is it that we can keep from becoming locked into one thing? What scars do we leave upon one anothers spirit that may or may not trap us? The marks that either able or disable us from our hearts desires. It makes me ponder the nature of our spiritual orgins. It solidifies the belief of good and bad, spiritual positive and negative, and the labrinths of each.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

War Broke out at The Feedyard

Painting is like war. Sometimes you go out there to fail. Repeatedly. Thats what I did today. Over and over three times.
And now I'm determined.
Nothing quinches thirst like failure.
Nothing can quinch.
I'm going to destroy this.
I'm going to make it happen.
War broke out the Feedyard.
War's broke out the Feedyard.
War is paint.
Paint is war.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Page Thirty Three

The Disconnection of Time.

"In my discovery, this new mellinium of the new era (ERA 3), 2008, Year of Our Lord, that dates are something of an unimportant matter. Truely, the entire Earth has become something of a so convienent order that the human mind for which earth was built could operate within any level of known history. That being in the individual man to decide for himself the pursuit of his brother's knowledge. Choice."
And there is only one choice to make...
"Entirely, if one chooses to attain the knowleges of his fellow man, and with our assets of mass communications and relatively allowed peace, this has been possible, the very concept of time can be interpreted as a deduction, rather than summation."

Enter:The Frequencies of Mathematics

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ninth of July, 2008.

What is it?
What else is there?
Nothing. And now you know.
Therefore I can not say that the revelation of one's destiny is a disappointment. It is not. However the weight can be great; the loss, crushing.
So then you know the way which is set before you?
I see it. The path is true. It is just there, before my feet.
A road I know by heart, but have yet to travel upon.
The first step is the hardest to take?
Why are your feet so heavey?
They are tied to the past. Grounded, like the roots of a tree, and they refuse to let go.
Then cut them off. Cut away the dead roots of the past. Put them in a pile, say goodbye and burn them, then there will be nothing. You will have new feet, new roots, a past that will be your own, a future that you know by heart, but have yet to travel upon.
And so I see.
Do you see it?
Yes. It's just there, before my feet.
Then take it, it's yours to have, a gift to you. Do not be burdened by it any longer; yet, be grateful, and enjoy it.
But what about my family? What about my friends?
They are weighted by your distress. They are encumbered by your hesitation. By holding back for the sake of the past you sacrifice your happiness, and theirs. They want your achievement, just as you do.
So there really is nothing else. I've waited here for so long, and for nothing.
And so you have.
But not in vain, the lessons of nothing are great. The gravity of of nothing, is something, even if you cannot see it, even if you cannot feel it, you know it is there.
Can you see it?
Yes. It is just there. And so I know, and now I am going.
And thanks again.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Elevator Study, acrylic on mdf, 18" x 13", 2006, (donated to Austin Art Ninja Co-Operative, 2006).
Grain Elevator study, acrylic on mdf, 18" x 22", 2006; Donated to the Austin Art Ninjas, c/o Joey Sue Roberts.
This idea for the Texas Panhandle Conquest has been two years in preparation now. Finally, after a quick two week trip to Spain and Portugal, and a one year construction of a studio/woodshop/metals lab in Lockney, Texas (5 miles south of Lone Star), I'm ready to begin. Just in time, too, because the trip to Spain led me to Lagos, Portugal, to the place of Ponta da Piedade, The End of the Earth, as it is called, The Grottos, marked by Death himself, rekindling my heart for The Seven Golden Lampstands.
Only Collection

Monday, May 12, 2008


The CONE Elevator Co-Operative, acrylic on MDF, 7 1/2" x 11", 2008.

This work is up for silent auction May 15th, 2008 (this Thursday night. Show benefiting Heart House Austin. Just follow the link below:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Red Mud Loses His Cap in a Georgia Vortice

Cap Painting Sells on Underground Market

Red Mud Loses His Cap in a Georgia Vortice, acrylic on paper board, 9" x 9", 2008.

Well, after two weeks of failure on the e-Bay market a collector of art rose from the opacity of the underground and sought to purchase this painting! Hoo Ray! Therefore, victory is mine! I can rejoice in the moment knowing that "Paper Bag Red Mud's" demands to paint a rattlesnake on the brim have been quelled (see youtube profile Judadiah for more info, or click on my movie tab.). The world market of e-Bay has missed a unique gem. But fear not, those with minds made only to follow, more hunks of brimstone and diamond are to be hurled toward the market in the future.


signing off,
Just n

Thursday, April 3, 2008

First Ever Chicken Painting Goes to Alaska

Chicken George and The West Texas Whirlwind, acrylic on paper board, 9" x 9", 2008.

Yep, it sold on e-Bay last week to a collector in Anchorage! North! Hey Alaska, send us some rain down here in the Panhandle, keep the snow till next fall, and hope a tornado doesn't follow this picture up there.
Adios, people of the blog,

blog system 3098999653375564,
signing off.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Four Horses Released

"White", acrylic on pressed cardboard, 8 1/2" x 6 1/4", 2008.

Horses, or Horsemen?"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The recent activity of sales among the e-Bay market has been a success. As it turns out, the paintings, a set of four different color horses painted from a model subject (Breyer Model)on pressed cardboard, all of which were sold seperately,found a great home to the same collector. Overall, I was willing to accept that the four might be sold off into pairs of two, but that they will remain together gives me great satisfaction. I admit, however, it took a bit of courage and grit to attempt a sale there, but recollect that such a virtual genre of an auction type art market can serve artists well. I do believe that the ultimate success would be found among the gallery and perhaps eventually within the museums, but such sites intertwined (i.e. youtube, ebay, blogs, etc.) really can allow an artist stability toward approaching the golden levels of the realms of the art world. However, there's many a slip b'twixt a cup and a lip. I thank all those whom watched, supported, or took genuine interest.
That's all for now.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pizza Box Challenge Youtube March Movie #1

This one illustrates the intent for the next two paintings about Red Mud and Chicken George. They go on sale this week. Watch all three videos down the blog list here and you'll get it all figured out.

March Youtube Movie #2

This is an update to the Pizza Box Challenge by Red Mud, and also was a video ad for the Four Horses Released.

Youtube Movie #3

I've been working on these youtube movies to help promote some art on e-Bay. No multi-takers yet, but I'm also looking to stir the dirt up from the bottom of the lake.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rockets are Hot

ANy blogging... is good. also learning the key board and how to spell words correctly helps...

some times it is just troublesome to attempt a change in sequence when the segment is already in motion, therefore, why waste energy in trying to stop it? Unle....

I listened to a pro basketball game tonight for the first time ever. Caught my ear cause I heard that it was played in Houston, TX. The Houston Rockets. Well, they're apparently hot, and if they win again.... t
They'll climb further on the ladder of record. Good for them. If they keep going, great for them. Do it.

"skype is cool...." it's awight_ and good for people, too.

11 come a 7.
thirteen, fourteen...
in my mind.

yea, i listened to that ball game and it was entertaining while I worked on other projects, some that are on their returning cycles, or restarts.
My favorite part of radio sports vs. the television has got to be the announcing, they radio guys seem to be real fans when you find them. Some satillite radio broadcasting companies offer both team's home networks so you can listen to the announcing fans you're supporting. And thats good if ever you have terrible game suspicions.

San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, and the Houston Rockets...
who to route for???
hmmm, I don't know.

Here is a picture of Dallas Texas

(clicking on the picture will take you to artist photobucket website)Dallas Texas, U.S.A., 2007.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

tHE tIME HAS Come...



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Saturday, February 2, 2008


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I'm better now. "How can someone with a mind like this produce anything worthy of greatness?', you say, the Grace of Almighty God.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Worst sick in 15 yrs

Last night hell came for me in the form of either a massive flu bug or food poisoning. It rivaled even the worst night of the living carnitas. I'm still broken and my body feels as though it got run over with one of those highway steam rollers. My kidneys feel as though someone punched them repeatedly, maybe some professional boxer whom I don't know any thing about. Maybe thats because you never see boxing unless you pay for it becuase it's all rigged. Yea, that's what I said.
Anyway, the doo-doo flow was another attack. I have a friend and he calls it "shart" but this was more like my other friend who calls it "shit", it wasn't at all cool. It was more warm and made my skin raw. Ha Ha Ha Haaa you had to read that, hahahahaa.
So, at least it didn't strike while on the road, there is no greater misery than that. Here's a youtube bit from before the biological war: the video is no longer availible b/c the counter attack took out the system host.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hey Folks...

Here's a myspace group to document the members of the warehouse scene. You got to have a myspace site to get to it, I realize, to my knowlodge, that we may not all have a myspace site, so, here it is anyway.

copy and paste:

also, I'm not going to post anymore pictuires to this little campainge lest their be more members join....
if you are or once were, then you should be included.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Trucking Cowboy Post 2008

wuz up? Namsy'in? NAmsay'in, namsay'in?
ok, when i last posted regarding this season of professional football de Americana, the Dallas Cowboys were 11-1. Now, the season is over. Playoffs begin this weekend. I guess I shouldn't have any fear. Dallas jumped up and bit everybody except New England, and even they got some knuckle across the side of their faces. Damb right, too. This is our nation, our team, America's team. Do you hear me you bunch of wild, untrained and untamed zebras?
However, I do wail about the finishing of the season by a team I have always enjoyed watching. You see, if you are going to go for it all, then by the grace of Almighty el Roi, go for it. Let no record stand, crush them all, break them. And if they refuse to break, then bend them so they will never again be straight, least not until the next group comes along, the next team. We not only should be striving to outdo the rest of the contemporary world, but all of known history! Wage war like never before, and not to be matched by anyone forevermore. This is what the spirit of man DEMANDS. Though I do not make demands that anyone on earth listens to, I do request such effort from my team. Therefore, the past is set in stone, more over and much more lasting, it has been written; so we lost three out of the four last games of the year, and the Romo led Dallas offensive fell flat with chicken greasey fingers and tackles and guards whom never recovered from Thanksgiving Day dinner, the DEFENSE of the risen Sharks of the old 1990's crew has been reborn. Yes. The Dallas defense is purged, hammered, anealed and then reinforced to become a notable advesary going into the playoffs, they kept dallas in every game they lost, it was the still lingering inconsistancy of a championship losing offense that let themselves down. Are you reading this Dallas Cowboys? Do you not see that when you just went out a played around loosly, yet focused like a sailing bullet that you won a long streak of games. Inspiring, and fun to watch. But don't dwell on it.
Enough of this post, you know full well that Dallas is a direct reflection of the undefeated team lounging in the Lexus cars for the next ten or so days. Yes I speak of the New England Patriots. And yes I believe Dallas could have their season. Both record holding and undefeated, but this year we will settle for a steal. Steal their year! GO COWBOYS!!!

P.S. To the NFL and to whom it may concern there,

if you boys are going to instant review and replay and jack around, KEEP AN EYE ON THE REFS! Is that loud enough? Review their silly calls, penalties etc... "So let it be written...."

I'm out. Morons.

Paradoxical Plea for Insanity

Well, this is sure a predicament, I once thought that I was able to do multiple operations in the editing of text and so in in this blog, but now it appears that I'm not. Who care's about what I've found or lost, or had to let go of, What about you? What sacrificial efforts have led to better prosperity in your life, reader? It is difficult to take risks, risks with no visible end or outcome. I recon it all takes a leap of faith. No, I'm sure of it. JUMP!

"might as well, jump! JUMP! Go ahead and jump"

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