Saturday, February 2, 2008


Computer %B ?I%&*N Iob 5eb 98gyvui8tgeyvgp8y vgpoe\jkh#%BUB$#%U B&NTI U B%^&(N*(YFCVWNT(F&%)C$(#&%CYT@($&FY#($YW$B(YF&@B$%YVT(@$V@$^F&V@$%VQ #WOCIVECI VC*VB% CO*VQ(V%*"&*)%(&$B(^@$^#$)^%#^)(@$*^!)*$_!*_)_@)*%!()&%!#(&BTV$)@!_(T@ V$PT(! $@BP(VC#(CFU$P(T@EP(T&#$^&$)TY(^&CYSDHVSD IUTWN(^@$%)(^&!#%^&$%^UR F!QPGUFC@W#N^FYY(BUWET(*!@)(&T$@Y#&Y(@&%YP@&T_!(CNPGNWXCPVIC VITU)(W*R!#(&T#$&$%%&^*&)E*$%*this is pretty much what is in my computer$^*)%*&#)%(^&*@$(^$brains(^&(W#&*YW$op9ncuseoicw78yvuq vy@$Y$V^?%t987s gkcnselciuxtryceis7uyrt OS87ZY 87TI&^765ai7u6r&^daoi8yft87465t4875687y rye/yE^&R%(W*TPOW#TG(BEVP) (GY(*&(&*)&DI)(*T)(WE*$)(87r87556i97oIUr*^%X#%$%W^%^&%**&ILOIU$W56rli86/oiuycwso, I've been trying my best to get rid of this truck driving thing and get back into the studio. Everytime i set a date to do it something pulls back. Probably just the devel^^^ trying to prevent me from doing it. Not much else to tell, my other computer got blown up by internet aids, so I'm frustrated with all this computer stuff, I really just want to start a war with everyone and start blowing shit up left and right. Mostly b/c all this consumer stuff we buy is gay and it rips you off;666Chinacheapgreedconsumercapitalismstupiddeathcomesforyoureapthewhirlwind66 six months later you have to have it replaced, meanwhile oil companies post 40 billion dollar profits last year. I'm not the poorest man, but I am poor enough to start saying death to these no moral de mechanistic human beings whom live only for the numbers. Yes, death for you HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Que film clip: "Tango and Cash", 'slinky man in prison cell introduction...'
I'm better now. "How can someone with a mind like this produce anything worthy of greatness?', you say, the Grace of Almighty God.

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