Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ninth of July, 2008.

What is it?
What else is there?
Nothing. And now you know.
Therefore I can not say that the revelation of one's destiny is a disappointment. It is not. However the weight can be great; the loss, crushing.
So then you know the way which is set before you?
I see it. The path is true. It is just there, before my feet.
A road I know by heart, but have yet to travel upon.
The first step is the hardest to take?
Why are your feet so heavey?
They are tied to the past. Grounded, like the roots of a tree, and they refuse to let go.
Then cut them off. Cut away the dead roots of the past. Put them in a pile, say goodbye and burn them, then there will be nothing. You will have new feet, new roots, a past that will be your own, a future that you know by heart, but have yet to travel upon.
And so I see.
Do you see it?
Yes. It's just there, before my feet.
Then take it, it's yours to have, a gift to you. Do not be burdened by it any longer; yet, be grateful, and enjoy it.
But what about my family? What about my friends?
They are weighted by your distress. They are encumbered by your hesitation. By holding back for the sake of the past you sacrifice your happiness, and theirs. They want your achievement, just as you do.
So there really is nothing else. I've waited here for so long, and for nothing.
And so you have.
But not in vain, the lessons of nothing are great. The gravity of of nothing, is something, even if you cannot see it, even if you cannot feel it, you know it is there.
Can you see it?
Yes. It is just there. And so I know, and now I am going.
And thanks again.

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