Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Worst sick in 15 yrs

Last night hell came for me in the form of either a massive flu bug or food poisoning. It rivaled even the worst night of the living carnitas. I'm still broken and my body feels as though it got run over with one of those highway steam rollers. My kidneys feel as though someone punched them repeatedly, maybe some professional boxer whom I don't know any thing about. Maybe thats because you never see boxing unless you pay for it becuase it's all rigged. Yea, that's what I said.
Anyway, the doo-doo flow was another attack. I have a friend and he calls it "shart" but this was more like my other friend who calls it "shit", it wasn't at all cool. It was more warm and made my skin raw. Ha Ha Ha Haaa you had to read that, hahahahaa.
So, at least it didn't strike while on the road, there is no greater misery than that. Here's a youtube bit from before the biological war: the video is no longer availible b/c the counter attack took out the system host.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hey Folks...

Here's a myspace group to document the members of the warehouse scene. You got to have a myspace site to get to it, I realize, to my knowlodge, that we may not all have a myspace site, so, here it is anyway.

copy and paste:

also, I'm not going to post anymore pictuires to this little campainge lest their be more members join....
if you are or once were, then you should be included.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Trucking Cowboy Post 2008

wuz up? Namsy'in? NAmsay'in, namsay'in?
ok, when i last posted regarding this season of professional football de Americana, the Dallas Cowboys were 11-1. Now, the season is over. Playoffs begin this weekend. I guess I shouldn't have any fear. Dallas jumped up and bit everybody except New England, and even they got some knuckle across the side of their faces. Damb right, too. This is our nation, our team, America's team. Do you hear me you bunch of wild, untrained and untamed zebras?
However, I do wail about the finishing of the season by a team I have always enjoyed watching. You see, if you are going to go for it all, then by the grace of Almighty el Roi, go for it. Let no record stand, crush them all, break them. And if they refuse to break, then bend them so they will never again be straight, least not until the next group comes along, the next team. We not only should be striving to outdo the rest of the contemporary world, but all of known history! Wage war like never before, and not to be matched by anyone forevermore. This is what the spirit of man DEMANDS. Though I do not make demands that anyone on earth listens to, I do request such effort from my team. Therefore, the past is set in stone, more over and much more lasting, it has been written; so we lost three out of the four last games of the year, and the Romo led Dallas offensive fell flat with chicken greasey fingers and tackles and guards whom never recovered from Thanksgiving Day dinner, the DEFENSE of the risen Sharks of the old 1990's crew has been reborn. Yes. The Dallas defense is purged, hammered, anealed and then reinforced to become a notable advesary going into the playoffs, they kept dallas in every game they lost, it was the still lingering inconsistancy of a championship losing offense that let themselves down. Are you reading this Dallas Cowboys? Do you not see that when you just went out a played around loosly, yet focused like a sailing bullet that you won a long streak of games. Inspiring, and fun to watch. But don't dwell on it.
Enough of this post, you know full well that Dallas is a direct reflection of the undefeated team lounging in the Lexus cars for the next ten or so days. Yes I speak of the New England Patriots. And yes I believe Dallas could have their season. Both record holding and undefeated, but this year we will settle for a steal. Steal their year! GO COWBOYS!!!

P.S. To the NFL and to whom it may concern there,

if you boys are going to instant review and replay and jack around, KEEP AN EYE ON THE REFS! Is that loud enough? Review their silly calls, penalties etc... "So let it be written...."

I'm out. Morons.

Paradoxical Plea for Insanity

Well, this is sure a predicament, I once thought that I was able to do multiple operations in the editing of text and so in in this blog, but now it appears that I'm not. Who care's about what I've found or lost, or had to let go of, What about you? What sacrificial efforts have led to better prosperity in your life, reader? It is difficult to take risks, risks with no visible end or outcome. I recon it all takes a leap of faith. No, I'm sure of it. JUMP!

"might as well, jump! JUMP! Go ahead and jump"

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