Thursday, May 17, 2012


Well... that's a deep subject...

There is so much to report here I don't have a good idea about where to begin. The last I was posting to this site with any regularity I was living life as an artist on a West Texas ranch working for little pay and trying to upgrade a blown up computer. What since? I took another job with my fiance, got married, had a baby, spent weeks converting an old barn into a studio space out northeast of Austin, TX, worked there until realizing that it was an Agri-Capitalist-Elite-Slavery job that completely sucked 110% of energy to do this and other creative work right out of me, rendering the new space useless! I held on the best I could, but in the end it was my newly wedded wife who brought me to the realization. Where to now? Back out West. But not so far this time. I'm relocated to the region where it all began, just West of San Antonio, baby, wife, and all. Working on another shop to house my endeavors and looking for a job. Maybe the tornado will leave me alone for awhile. This moving around all the time is killing me, makes my eyes really tired... Nomad.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Re Establishing Contact

"ohhHH, The Times They Are A - Changin'"

Dogs outside my window
Cold winter day
Rain drizzes down
From time to time.
But, still,
They frolic and play.
Cold Winter Day.

poetry by Justin Warren Graham

Hello, "cookies", in French this means, "Fucker's" with an emphasis on the "er's", and what that means, a reference to you, the reader, it addresses you! Hello, Fucker! How are you!
Memories of a Frenchman I once knew,
Still do
To my friend, Benjamin Marchal;
Eah, fuckeir, how are you?
FROM: Justin in TEXAS.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children, Friends;
Welcome back. Indeed, the splashing of cold water will shock the body and therefore the mind to places unseen by the imagination. And such things will do by the echoing of life and age. Experience.
I'm wracking up the XP now! The Golden Book of Life declares;
"He who finds a wife, has found a great thing, And obtains favor from the LORD.", (Proverbs 18:22).
And so, I say to you fuckeirs reading this now,
I am married, life has changed muy rapido,
que paso, le bambino?

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