Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Worst sick in 15 yrs

Last night hell came for me in the form of either a massive flu bug or food poisoning. It rivaled even the worst night of the living carnitas. I'm still broken and my body feels as though it got run over with one of those highway steam rollers. My kidneys feel as though someone punched them repeatedly, maybe some professional boxer whom I don't know any thing about. Maybe thats because you never see boxing unless you pay for it becuase it's all rigged. Yea, that's what I said.
Anyway, the doo-doo flow was another attack. I have a friend and he calls it "shart" but this was more like my other friend who calls it "shit", it wasn't at all cool. It was more warm and made my skin raw. Ha Ha Ha Haaa you had to read that, hahahahaa.
So, at least it didn't strike while on the road, there is no greater misery than that. Here's a youtube bit from before the biological war: the video is no longer availible b/c the counter attack took out the system host.

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