Monday, October 8, 2007

Oh, Despair, Despair,.... Can This Be?

Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills
Well. Sometimes, sometimes nothing works out. Occasionally the asteroids and comets align on similar courses and find their destinations not far from the others mark. YEEEESSS!!! Terrance Newman interception!!!!! We Live. This can prove extremely destructive. Just ask Jupiter how she felt taking the Levy Nine. Crap! Ask Tony Romo. Four more and I'm calling him Levy Nine for the rest of his career. But those are the blows that decimate the weak, and define the great. The week give up after the first five consecutive knock downs, (if not after the first two). The great never quit, Death does not even conquer them, they are free.
As you may understand, I'm inspired to write tonight while watching my lifelong team blow all four tires and spin around uncontrollably on sparking aluminum rims. There is hope. Even when great adversaries or unbeatable odds arise. Even for the Bills. They were picked to lose horribly. And right now there's twenty four seconds left and they have an eight point lead. There is hope. So, I guess the point of this whole thing is, don't quit. Two point conversion.............crap. Onside kick..................
In one of my favorite movies, a Russian submarine captain would execute a "crazy ivan" every once in awhile to assure himself and the crew that their sub was not being followed or tracked by the enemy. This maneuver was a simple break in the course of the boat, erratic, unpredictable, unknowing sometimes even to the captain himself. I recently found myself doing this while snorkeling alone in the Caribbean Sea, and just because I never saw a shark behind me as I swam, doesn't mean there wasn't one. In fact this is more an action of humility. Yes I realize I am mortal. Yes, I will face death. Yes, I must answer to a Mighty Lord for my life's results.
These simple erratic deviations, after all, are a natural hardwire. A necessity in the struggle to remain humble. A break in all routines. A strategy to out wit my own natural mind to remain at the edge, to keep from boasting a fools game and trekking onto too thin of ice. A preservation of ones sense of certainty. Reassurance, in this ocean of experience, that I am not, nor will I ever be, too great to be the greatest. Wisdom.
It does not come without scars.
the Cowboys won, by the way, with a last two-second field goal. They got that onside kick; they got some extra yards, they won. There is hope.
Dallas Cowboys 25 Buffalo Bills 24
posted from Houston, TX.

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