Sunday, September 2, 2007

Tales from the Wheel of a Peterbilt Post

"you arrogant ass,... you've killed us..."

"Let's See if We can Keep it Going

'It won't fire!' What? 'I said it's not firing!, Dambit'

Well, what the hell's the problem?

'I don't know.'

Where the Hell did the shit I just typed go?
Man, I don't know I told you, this stuff is like making a mistake you don't remember making, sweet poetry lost forever in a lapse of time.

At the wheel of the big rig on a run lasting late into the night, I watched the earth eclipse the moon...

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Anonymous said...

Nice eclipse. Wish I could have seen that! Werewolves be damned! All we've got around here are those blasted bloody clouds obscuring our vision and dumping rain upon our soaked brain crates. All hail the Peterbuilts! All hail the many shifters road-roll'n to parts unknown!

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