Monday, December 3, 2007

Trucking Cowboy Posts

If you could travel side-by-side with a Bullet
If you could travel side-by-side with a bullet, it would sound like a semi truck moving at speed with a full load of freight.
The Cowboys are winning, their record is 11-1. They've beat the Giants, the Eagles, and ???, Green Bay since I last posted here. They're winning, and I'm proudly supporting them with much pop-corn and heart, four games left, go Dallas.
The road. Why do we even participate? Why is it that we see what we are then we keep going? And names. Why do we have names? What is the purpose anymore? Questions. Questions fill the heart of men. And when men have no answers to questions the rest of the world is lost and without answers. This is our universe, men, signed and deeded over to our trust. To our responsibility. But who are we? We all know, yet still we question. We reject truth for our own complication. Oh, and that leaves the gates open wide. HeeHeeHeee! Open wide the paved cemented steel belted road of doubt deep into the heart of a man, ahhhh and once infection takes ho;d and begins to burn rapid and unpredictable like a wild fire over drought stricken land driven by winds whom have no master. Yes. YES! Doubt your brother, hahaahaaaa. They say, voices in collision, don't listen, don't hear, don't excercise restraint. Instead,.... make war.
Make War.

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