Friday, October 18, 2013

Resurrection of the Dead in Christ photo IMG_3173.jpg

Resurrection of the Dead in Christ, acrylic on canvas, 2012.

I think that's probably been enough time for dormancy. There is a lot of back track dialogue that needs to be done on this blog. The last time anything went out here I was moving from Granger to Hondo. Those times are long gone. I'm going to slim it down some, talk about artwork, picture commentary and so forth, studio experience and happenings. I thought for awhile it would be best to try and categorize my work into all the different genres and apply them into different blogs respectively, while also discussing real life situations and their impact on art making; but, I'm realizing that all that effort is too cumbersome. So now, I'm going to put it up here as it goes, and not worry so much about it. 


This painting was done in an open air pole barn back in Granger, Texas, and sold to a man in Minnesota on eBay during a Friday the 13th art challenge. It wound up being a complete give away, as the money made from the sell was LESS THAN  the amount it took to ship the thing... it is about 36"x42" inches if I remember correctly... somewhere in that size range. I wonder about this picture and where it is, how it is doing. Wether it sees darkness or daylight... It is one of those tie together statements you make concerning times of human condition, past and present aesthetics, content and so on that mark directional shifts in an artists work. 

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