Friday, November 19, 2010

Last Ten Days in Redford

Redford Desert Constellation

At sites with contemporary, George Zupp, digital photo.

Redford Desert Constellation is a live air trailhead inspired by one year of living spent in the Chihuahuan Deserts of Texas. Just beneath Big Bend Ranch State Park in the Texas County of Presidio, Redford Desert Constellation offers five hooded markers to aid travelers as they approach the first of mountain hills entering the Bofecillos. Behold the Blue Cross of Maria de Agreda atop "Cheg Hill" or sit down and gaze your eyes toward Rio Grande y Conchos river valley agriculture at "The Golden Chair of Acedemia".
Redford Desert Constellation was created and temporarily installed this year by artist Justin Warren Graham and is located just west of late artist Kelly Pruitt's adobe jacal.


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