Friday, March 26, 2010

A Prayer to my LORD, the King.

Father God.
You know of the things You have laid upon my heart to accomplish.
You know the things in which You have shown me.
The tools given to use in order to teach, or to pass on Your promise.
You know the things I need in order to accomplish this.
I ask humbly today that You forgive me my weaknesses,
The things which stand in the way of Your progress in me and in turn Your progress to the world.
I cannot see the path in my head or how to achieve it.
This often knots me up and confuses me.
I am unable to understand the ways in which You bend together destiny and fate.
But understand that Your course for me exceeds my own imagination.
I ask today that you put these things together for me.
Your achievement in me is far greater than my achievement without You.
Set my feet to the path, to the direction of the accomplishment of these things in which You have shown me.
So that they may be done in Your due appointment.
Thank You for discharging me from the worry of their achievements,
For Your grand forgiveness,
For the sacrifice of Your Son, the King,
Jesus Christ the Messiah,

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