Friday, February 19, 2010

The Breaking of the Last Horse

The Breaking of The Last Horse is a 30 x 34 inch oil painting on canvas. Characterizing the Angel of Death as a western cowboy, or the pioneer, the innovative American icon whose history delivered the world into the final act of the current age; He wrangles his prophecied destiny as the inequities of all mankind watch in anxcious torment, breaking seals fortold by God in His Word, fulfilling the prophecy, setting the moment just before the beginning of the tribulation upon the earth.

I revised this post one time. I don't know why. Mustve had the urgency to reduce or re-revise. Wasn't nescessary, 'Cept when your're drowning in waters so deep,
The best thing to do is breathe.
And so I diid, and will keep going.

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