Monday, January 18, 2010

March 2010

trying to finish up some pictures for Wake the Dead show in San Marcos, March 2010. Feeling good about the content for that establishment. A lot of framing to do for it though, and a couple of larger canvas' pieces still in the works. As for the Big Bend and West Texas, got into another gallery in Alpine (Curry Gallery). They dropped in for a studio visit and took all of my panhandle cotton modules to display. Also still working cattle paintings for the ranching folks out here. The cattle paintings are slowly leading me towards deeper issues, maybe something like the worshipping of the golden calf by the Israelites in the time of Moses. Seems about right for the timing, we'll see. Building up Madres, still. Will have about 10 of those by the time it's over out here. Money well will be dry by March, it looks like, lest I sell some pictures I'm going to have to divert back to the big rig for about 6-8 months! Argh! I can feel my body rejecting that idea already! Got to go see a friend out in Terlingua soon, Hopefully figure out how to do studio/video streaming for the next round out here. And there's a herd of longhorns there, too. Going to cap the cattle paintings with a couple of large examples for the gallery.

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