Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pepsi Break / The Outsider

Last weekend of September, 2009. I headed back to the Panhandle this last week to get my bearings. Figure out what the next most important move for my art career is to be. I've discovered that not a person on the earth knows my history, or the history of my work, except for a very few. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so that gives me some direction.
Outside from that I traveled to south Texas, Bandera and the Old Spanish Trail, over to Uvalde to give my mom away in marriage, then Tuesday, it's back to the Panhandle to regroup for war paint in Redford. The Panhandle IS the place, though; it's where I'll make my stand. The deal down in Redford, for me, is nothing more than a willing offensive. Greatfully speaking, Redford "rules". It is a good place to be for art. My directions there over this last summer have been primarily directed toward Panhandle objectives. As it turns out, this "crew", of "chicken george and the folk art bunch", aren't really about documenting, they're more about "jacklegging off", or making fun of each other and theirselves. I respect that, it's fun. However, is that REAL folk art? Or, are they just a bunch of copycats who know nothing about the subject in which their engaging? Are they just over edjucated academics trying to nitch themselves into a genre in which they do not belong, or are they just "POP-ing" off? If so that means they are ripe for the kill, and have set themselves up to be knocked out of the way by the real deal. I know where I come from, and I know why I make art. The next three months in Redford are going to be rich. I suggest if you're reading, you watch and subscribe, to them and to me. Here is a video reflecting my acquired attitude:

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