Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Cotton Module with Green Tarp, 4"X6", oil on cardboard, 2008.
Powering On

Today is: May the 26th day of the year 2009. It's been sometime since I posted to this blog. It seems the world has a way of distracting us away from things from time to time; however, since this has been my blog of choice, I imagine that there is no reason to let it die.
So let us catch up. When I last posted here I was in the Texas Panhandle in my newly errected studio with expectations that I would produce a body of paintings shortly after construction was complete. In truth the amount of energy I expelled in the creation/remodeling of an old house into a wood shop/painting studio behind my fathers property took more out of me than I anticipated. Therefore, when it was time to make pictures, I was feeling a little flat. Not to mention that the entire year of 2008 I was plagued by a chronic back pain that was the result of two herniated discs in my lower spinal column. Coupled with prescribed drugs and pain killers I have to say that, retrospectively speaking, my mind, body, and spirit were not up to the task of picture making. The time was not fully lost, however, there is always the sketch book and writings, not to mention the fact that I was able to produce a series of small paintings regarding the cotton farms of the Texas Panhandle and Plains Caprock Region. The "Cotton Modules" were an excursion out into the plains to meet with cotton farmers and ginners who could tell the world about "The Orgin of Cotton". I'm working on some videos documenting the harvest of cotton, due out this winter.
Into 2009, I needed to get out of the Panhandle for awhile so I jumped back in an 18 wheeler and left out for the highway to fill my soul of this nation. Great thing about trucking, the best views of the highway with most of the comforts of home. If you can't afford to travel in a motor home it's the best way to really see this country. In the mean time a friend George Zupp and I were planning an extended trip out to the Big Bend Desert. Which brings us into the now. Starting in June, I will be a resident of Redford, Texas, and will be operating there in paint, film, and sculpture until the time comes that I feel that there should be a change, or until that time that change becomes an evident dictation. My intention there is to maintain this blog with increased attentiveness, possibly daily. The plot for my ARTistic expansion thinkens and is going to require of me that I keep a detailed account of my actions in a public forum such as this instead of the locked away pages of a black sketch book. So, here it will be.

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