Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lasts Forever...

"goes the eagle
which cries to itself"

Well, hello folks, The four or five of you who are out there that actually check this particular blog. I hope that you're doing well amidst the passing of your days and daily lives and the night brings upon you not the sounds of coming thieves, but rest. This whole lack of a lab top..., is it "lap" or "lab" when referring to a portable computing device?, I've never really known... anyway, laboratory top computer deal must be soon resolved. My time is just so precious today that I find myself unable to get to each and every little website to leave a trace of my crossing nowhere near as much as I hope. Not to mention the fact that.... well, that thought doesn't really apply, but I'll tell you that punctual language applications are no longer resolved in a world where once all languages were separated distinctly, having now all come together like a high speed car wreck on the foggy autobahn at 3:04 CST. Don't drive into smoke.

"Thank you, Oklahoma."

Go back to sleep, go back to sleep, weary, tired, sick and hungry, for I know not how to type and this may take awhile. I was headed up to Illinois last weekend but a last minute shift in the operations of the trucking industry set me south instead. Praise the Lord, God Almighty, Most High Ruler in Heaven and on Earth, instead of a lonely Illinois truck stop last weekend, He granted me a ticket south to see family and friends whom I've not seen in many long months. And I had missed them all. Saw all of them I did except one.

And that's it. Tomorrow I return to the long haul division. And you will not hear from me for months.

So, to you all four or five farewell
I shall return to this domain I assure.
I will be returning
to you then,
Then I'll return,
And return again.
The End.

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