Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Running Riot

"July. July has been busy. Busy, busy, busy. And I have not posted here in over two weeks. Until now."

This month has been full of family reunions that I have not attended for some years. My weeks have been full of trucking and my weekends, well, they've been spent with folks I haven't seen or talked to for sometime. It's interesting to see how family progresses and to understand the influential forces (or lack thereof) that have imposed the outcome of their lives; and to reflect on the current state of my own. For now I am working as hard as possible to erect some lasting legacy.

In the meantime, the home front is changing continuously. There were a couple of folks here living with my dad that had sort of "imposed" themselves upon the place. Those circumstances to which said situation came to pass are unknown, all I can tell you is, that last weekend, they loaded up all their things and went on their way. So, I wish them the very best, but for the home front, well, it has much more space available to now work with. I like space. These new developments have excited tthe idea regions in my brain and have changed the whole picture of what was thought to be a near completed studio construction effort. But they are changes for the better I might add.

Other than that, my younger brother is here from a break in his wheat harvest schedule and has fried my computer twice already, as well as overtaken the television with the likes of a Halo arcade. As I type I can hear gunfire, bombs, running engines and the occasional "Killing Spree" to go along with his own rants and raves into the microphone of an Xbox Live controller, asking random people from across the globe things like, "are ya'll ready to battle", and "I'm 'bout to kill all ya'll", as well as, "get in this warthog before I kill you". All which sound of the titles to some sort of post apocolyptic cd collection advertised through the speakers of a busted out television. "I told you that bitch was about to blow, we need another warthog..."

As for me, this is my latest,

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