Sunday, June 24, 2007


"Introduction into the Now"

To better give a description of my life, it is important that I brief the readers of my life today. I am a student of art. Painting and drawing have been a firm consistency throughout my thirty year term on earth. I studied painting at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) in San Marcos, Texas, around the turn of the millennia. I recieved an undergraduate degree from that university in the spring of two thousand three in the art-studio project of painting. After some degree of experimentation and exploration in the San Marcos area I have retreated to the Texas Panhandle (home) to build and begin my quest in the world of art. However, this new beginning comes with the sacrifice of time; time taken from my great love for the movement of paint and pen. I have called upon the knowledge of my father, a retired truck driver, to fund the begginings of this journey. Therefore, I am currently bound to the endless highway of cityscape, open country, setting and rising sun. This experience is one of great health to me, for it has reopened the paths to my family's simple orgins. It is on these roads where the most important and everlasting possession each and every human being must acknowledge is being refilled to me; My soul, My spirit, the Spirit of Mankind.

Music: R. Carlos Nakai, Star Chant

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